STEM Jobs Act (H.R. 6429) Passes in House: Potential Positive Effect on Self-Petitioned EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Category

Q 1: Now that the Bill has passed in House, will it be eventually become the law shortly? A: H.R. 6429 is a Republican-led bill and has passed in House with a 245 to 139 vote, because House is now Republican dominated.  According to most political analysts, the STEM Jobs Act may not get a vote in the Democrat-controlled Senate, and the White House officially came out in opposition to the bill on Wednesday.   Q2: What areas of expertise will benefit from STEM Jobs Act? A2: Science, Read more [...]

Making the Impossible Possible and Simple: Approval after Denials & RFEs (part I)

Making the Impossible Possible and Simple:  Approval after Denials & RFEs (part I)   Victoria Chen, J.D., Esq.   Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, once remarked— “Canada sets aside 36 percent of their visas for people with skills they think their country needs. We set aside six percent. We educate the doctors, and then don't give 'em a green card.”   This lends to the worldwide perception that obtaining a Green Card for permanent residency in the United States Read more [...]

Making the Impossible Possible and Simple: Approval after Denials & RFEs (part II)

Making the Impossible Possible and Simple:  Approval after Denials & RFEs  (part II) Victoria Chen, J.D., Esq. CASE TWO – SAP MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING (EB-1A & EB-2 NIW) Similar to case one, case two also concerned a foreign professional who decided to retain the services of Chen Immigration Law Associates following his receipt of RFEs for both his EB-1 and EB-2 cases and understandable dissatisfaction with the original attorney on record.  Additionally, since this client was Read more [...]

November Visa Bulletin – ROW Is Current Again!

The Department of State has just released the November Visa Bulletin, and as we at Chen Immigration Law projected, second-preference employment-based (EB-2) visas have returned to ‘Current’ status for foreign nationals from ROW (Rest of World – all countries other than India and China).  This is great news for our clients who have recently received their NIW (National Interest Waiver) approvals in addition to our other ROW cases that are pending.  Now that EB-2 ROW visas are current again, Read more [...]

Q & A Session for Potential Clients:

Q 1: How fast can I expect my case to be prepared and filed if I work with Chen Immigration Law Associates? A: The time on us is always standard and predicable. It takes us 1-2 weeks to produce the first drafts of the recommendation letters and 1-2 weeks to provide the first draft of the petition letter. After we get comments from you on the documents drafts, it takes us about 1-3 days to provide the revised letters. We also need 3 days to organize the exhibits and file the case to the USCIS. This Read more [...]

EB2-NIW(National Interest Waiver) Entrepreneurs: Success Stories

In November of last year, we at Chen Immigration Law Associates, released an article clarifying how entrepreneurs can not only qualify for green cards under the EB-2 National Interest Waiver petition category, but rather can become supreme candidates for National Interest Waivers due to the unique and profound benefits they and their companies pose to the national economy – through the stimulation of foreign and domestic investment, the creation of jobs, and the impactful innovation resulting from Read more [...]

Case Outcomes Simplified: How Much Discretion Does an Immigration Officer Truly Have?

Case Outcomes Simplified:  How Much Discretion Does an Immigration Officer Truly Have?                                                                         Victoria Chen, J.D., Esq.   We at Chen Immigration understand that the supposedly complex nature of an Immigration Officer’s discretion can become quite confusing and deeply frustrating, especially for the self-petitioner.  Accordingly, unreasonable Requests for Evidence letters (RFEs) and Read more [...]

H.R. 3012 – What to Expect

Victoria Chen, J.D., Esq. I've received a large amount of inquiries regarding Senator Grassley's (Rep. - Iowa) recent lift of his hold placed on H.R. 3012.  Therefore, I'd like to provide my comments surrounding the bill's current status and future projections. Senator Grassley lifted his hold on H.R. 3012 on July 11, 2012.  Before this hold was lifted, there were amendments made to the bill, thereby forcing it to return to the House of Representatives for a new vote.  After the House passes Read more [...]

“July 2012 Visa Bulletin: Updates & Counterstrategies”

“July 2012 Visa Bulletin:  Updates & Counterstrategies” Victoria Chen, J.D., Esq.   Over the years, we at Chen Immigration Law Associates have a formed deep understanding of the volatility surrounding the immigration market and the related implications that come with regulatory alterations in policy and mandates made the U.S. government and its subsidiary agencies. These changes, albeit frustrating at times, are inherently tied to the inevitably changing global economy (especially Read more [...]

How to Respond to an Unreasonable RFE or NOID: Our Recent Experience for an EB1-EA case

Victoria Chen, J.D., Esq.   We at Chen Immigration Law Associates always appreciate the hard work of most immigration officers who review cases in a timely and accurate manner. Because of the correct determination of immigration officers, more than 95% of our EB1 cases filed are approved by the USCIS. Although Ombudsman has expressed its concern regarding the inconsistent decisions of EB1-EA (Aliens of Extraordinary Ability) cases after Kazarian v. USCIS, our EB1-EA cases filed in February Read more [...]