Success Story: EB1A (Aliens of Extraordinary Ability) for an Assistant Professor of Atomic Physics and Atom-Optics in 7 Days

Client’s Testimonial: Dear [Chen Immigration Team], This is terrific! You are so good at what you do. I was pretty confident when reading the petition letters because I thought "who could reject this petition since it is clearly explained why they cannot do so." I will be happy to recommend you to any person asking me about getting a green card.  On January 2nd 2013, we received another EB1A (Aliens of Extraordinary Ability) for an Assistant Professor working in the field of Atomic Physics Read more [...]

Success Story: Approval for EB-1b (Outstanding Researcher or Professor) in the Field of Physics & Astronomy in JUST 5 Days

Client’s testimonial: [Chen Immigration Team] is helpful and very detail-oriented. Experienced in the field of immigration laws and petitions. On December 31st, 2012 we received another approval for a EB1b (Outstanding Researcher or Professor) in the field of Physics & Astronomy in just 5 Days! (Approval Notice) General Field: Physics & Astronomy Petitioner: Small University Position at the Time of Case Filing: Assistant Professor National Origin: China Service Center: Read more [...]

Success Story: NIW Approval for Client Working in Finance Field with Ph.D. in Physics

Client’s Testimonial: Thank you! Fantastic news! I will call yu today to find out the next steps. Many potential clients approached us; at Chen Immigration Law Associates, concerning their change in research topics or fields, and wonder if these changes will affect their chance of NIW approval. This success story will demonstrate how we successfully secured an NIW approval (without RFE) for a client who had changed his field from Physics to Finance and had only 10 citations at the time of Read more [...]